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How to get oc spray out of your eyes?

It is really bad that i get a bit of oc spray into my eyes by accident. I feel so pain. Please tell me how to get it out of my eyes.
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  • Erin


    That do make eyes feel painful, But after some remedies you may feel better. Clean your eyes with pure water, and you need to this for several times before your eyes feel a little better. Then use some artificial tears to comfort your eyes. Blink your eyes for a while, then close them for a while. If these remedies won't be helpful, you need to be brave enough to use an injector to help you. Fulfill the injector with pure water or physiological saline, push the water into your eyes through the corner of your eyes. Be careful, the injector has to be away from your eyes. You may cannot do this on your own, so ask your family or friends for help.
  • Ali


    It is not funny to get such kind of spary in your eyes, since it is highly irritative, your eyes can suffer great pain. Go to your bathroom and turn on your water faucet to flush your eyes. Or you can soak your eyes into the water. Just keep doing this for several minutes, the oc spray will come out a lot. When you feel better, have a goof rest for your eyes.
  • enycelilmamii


    Ok, it is terrible that you have got some oc spray into your eyes. Anyway, from what i know, oc spray is quite irritative to your eyes and they are just irritative ingredient. Anyway, for now, you need to get some normal saline to wash your eyes thoroughly, then try to get some eye drops to deal with the problem. And if the situation remains bad, you need to see a doctor. But generally speaking, that is not a serious problem, just try not to rub your eyes for that would lead to infections.

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