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Anthony cecil


Can you buy contact lenses on ebay?

DO you have experiences of buying contact lenses at ebay? Are they good? Is it worthy to try?
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  • enycelilmamii


    Well, of course, you can buy contact lenses on ebay. And generally speaking, there are many different types of contact lenses on ebay, and you can just pick one pair which you like best. And for the prices, it can vary from 10 dollars to 80 dollars. And of course, because of the different brands and different using, they are different from each other too. By the way, when you are using contact lenses, you need to keep them clean, or it will just make your eyes infected easily.
  • Minerva Woodcock


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  • Jocelyn


    I know that ebay provides contact lenses. But i never bought it at that sites. Personally, i prefer to buy it in real stores instead of online. But one of my friends told me that online contact lenses are cheaper. And also, there are some good online shop that provide good contact lenses at affordable prices. And she recommend me to buy contact lenses at I am considering to try a box. You can also have a try if you want. Good luck.
  • Dave O'Shaughnessy


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  • Stewart Sayre


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