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what are the best lenses for high myopia

I have high myopia. So, my eyeglasses usually made of thick lenses. It make my eyeglasses look dull. Can you give me some suggestion on choosing eyeglasses lenses? What are the best lenses for high myopia?
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  • chriso1984


    The best lenses for heavy prescription will be those made of Polycarbonate which is also the material of bullet-proof glasses. It is the toughest material in the world, but it is very light. What's more, it lasts long and won't have discoloration. Lastly, it can shield ultraviolet ray 100%. With the above advantages, I recommend you to choose polycarbonate lenses.
  • cun_yin


    If you have the high myopia, the common lenses will be made with great thickness. It will not only make you look strange but also make you feel not that comfortable. You could choose the type of the lenses with 7.4 thick index. Such good quality lenses will be made with less thickness, making you feel comfortable when you are wearing. You should protect your eyes in many habits of using your eyes. You should have the continuous rest during the long time reading or seeing in front of books or computers.
  • Ryan warren


    Myopia, also known as short sight, which is hard to be corrected and cured, especially high myopia. So people who get myopia try best to control the value of degree. Thus, a pair of great frame is necessary. Thickness and weight are both a consideration to let you change your mind. Well, high-index eyeglasses lenses may satisfy you. Two reasons that make you decide to have a try. First, high-index eyeglasses is thinner and lighter than regular eyes in the same degree. Second, high-index eyeglasses can help to correct refractive error. High index 1.70 is popular with many people. They said it's the best one.
  • Antoine


    I wear my glasses (myopia) when i 20, i wear it during the day. Wear a high-index glasses lenses are the right choice if you want thinner, lighter lenses and eye-glasses that are as attractive and comfortable as possible.
  • Antoine


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