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Kaylee tuener


What to do when essential oil gets in eyes ?

Can essential oil cause damages eyes? What shall i do if i got a bit of essential oil in my eyes?
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  • Trinity


    Ok, it sounds bad for anyone to get some of that into eyes, because those essential oils are highly irritative and harmful to our eyes, leading to watery eyes, painful feelings, and bloodshot eyes. Your priority is to flush your eyes with plenty of normal saline and get eye drops with anti-bioic functions to help you out. Try to be careful in the future and do not rub your eyes.
  • Alexa murphy


    I am sorry to heard that you got a bit of essential oi in your eyes. Just keep calm, it will be OK. And you shall keep peace mind, and don't use clean water to wash your eyes. You know, water do not mix with essential oi. What's more, it can make the oil drive more deeply in your eyes thus to cause more uncomfortable to your eyes. As far as i know that good quality and organic vegetable oil can treat essential oil. It sounds strange, but it works. Hope this can help you.
  • Pete


    Well, this doesn' t sound good. You know, essential oil should never get in eyes. It will arise an eye infection quickly. Besides, essential oil should be applied to your eye brows and cheek bones. You really need to be careful next time. When you get essential oil in your eyes, you have eye pain for sure. First of all, if you try to rinse your eye with clean running water in no time, then you will be absolutely wrong. It is a common sense that water can not mix oil. Then the essential oil may even go to other parts of your eyes, which will make things even worse. At this time, you can try to use vegetable oil to absorb the essential oil, which can help you relieve your pain and get you recover. However, I still suggest you to see a doctor in no time.
  • Audrey


    Getting essential oil in your eyes may burn your cornea to different extents with regard to the amount of oil in your eyes. There are five layers in your cornea. The outer layer can heal itself if the oil doesn't get in deep. When it enter your eyes, there are few steps for you to follow: Stay calm.Nothing to worry. It's not a big deal. Find some vegetable oil to rinse your eyes. Don't use water as water and oil don't mix. Water only gets the oil in your eyes deeper into your cornea and worsen the burn. Sometimes the oil goes away itself in a few minutes. When the pain last long or your vision is affected, go to see a doctor.
  • Adam peters


    Yes, there is no doubt that cosmetics, deodorants, and skin care products will contain some metals or other synthetic ingredients. Some cream and ointment products on the market claiming that they are the mild products without deleterious substances is not credible. So, that is why you eyes feel irritated. Well, if you get a bit of essential in your eyes, immediate dilution is strongly needed. It is worth mentioning that you can minimize discomfort by flushing the area with a vegetable oil at that time. Keep it in mind that essential oils are oil soluble rather than water-soluble. You are not recommended to flush with water! By the way, you need to ensure the oils are tightly closed and stored in a cool place without light and they must be out of reach of children.
  • helensten


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    Two questions: 1. Can you sour cream (since to use milk or cream) to rinse your eye, if you got essential oil in the eye? 2. Can you use saline solution to rinse the eye, if essential oil got into the eye?