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Can you drink alcohol after double eyelid surgery?

I take two days ago. Can i drink alcohol now? Why or why not?
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  • Alexa murphy


    Of course, you cannot drink alcohol now. And generally speaking, after the double eyelid surgery, your eyes will have wood. And that can be hurtful and sensitive. If you drink water, that can just irritate your eyes, leading to some eye problems. And also, it will be harmful for the recovery of your eyes. So you should not drink alcohol in the first one month. And also, after double eyelid surgery, you should be careful about your eyes, when you wash your face. And do not let water get into your eyes, or it will make your eyes infected. Anyway, just be careful.
  • claire_lew


    No, you had better not drink alcohol now. That's because alcohol you take in may delay your recovery or cause bleeding. If you drink alcohol while you are still taking medicine, the alcohol is likely to have hazardous cross reactation with the medicine you are taking. Worse still, too much alcohol intake may cause the wound to bleed again.
  • Jason lester


    Absolutely, you can not do it. I ensure that your surgeon definitely gave you a to-do list and some activities and environments to avoid in the following weeks. If you want your plastic surgery successful without any boring inflammations, you are expected to abide by the list. One of the most significant thing must be mentioned in the list is to develop a healthy living habits. As we all know, alcohol will make us impatience and excitement, decreasing the defense of your body and giving a burden to your liver. generally, we can prevent or ameliorate eye conditions by improving the health of our livers due to its detoxification mechanisms. The more toxic substances in the beer stay in your bloodstreams, the more easier to hurt your eyes. keep it in mind that our eyes are delicate. Have a good day.

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