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Are shutter shades from the 80s

I just want to know when shutter shades start? Are they stared from 80s?
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  • crazy_durr


    Yes, you are right. Shutter shades began to be available from the 1980s. Given the nickname "Venetian Blinders", they first appeared in the musice video for for "Glittering Prize" from Simple Minds in 1982. While Kanye West set the trend of wearing this louvered eyewear in the whole 1980s by wearing them in the music video for "stronger" . People follow him as they though him cool in shutter shades.
  • Justin


    Well, from what you said, I know you are enthusiastic about those shutter shades, anyway, that is one of the most popular and fashion goods on the market. They are demonstrated well by the American singer Kanye West in the 00's, so they are new stuff a few years ago, not in the 80's. You could get a pair of them from Walmart vision store, if you are crazy about fashion.
  • b3li3ve


    Well, yes, shutter shades started in 1980s. And at that time, they were very fashionable and popular with many people. First, you should know that Shutter Shades are a design of slatted sunglasses available since the 1980s. So we can say that they are from 80s. And for shutter shades, instead of having lenses, they have "shutter" motif, which is part of the frame. Of course, you can use them, for they are available in different kinds of styles and colors. Finally you may have known that the only feature of shutter shades is that they can provide protection for the eye from UV light nor prevent a substantial amount of light from entering the eye. Anyway, you can just have a try.