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Vanessa george


can stress cause macular degeneration

I Just want to know if stress cause macular degeneration? Is there anything that i can do to prevent macular degeneration?
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  • estranged_soul


    The causes of macular degeneration can be divided as genetically inherited and environmental factors. The genetically inherited causes include age, pigmentation, sleep apnea and so on. And environmental factors include medications, high degrees of myopia, stress and so on. There is no preventive medications for macular degeneration, while, have a regular prompt examination to find it earlier.
  • Brandon


    As a study conducted in 2012 shows, people who are under stress and anxiety have greater risk of developing macular degeneration. Worse still, if the patient is under emotional stress, his macular degeneration will get worse. The reason is that the body won't heal itself when under pressure. The precautions for macular degeneration: 1.Avoid long and direct exposure to ultraviolet which will trigger and accelerate macular degeneration. 2.Stay in a good mood. Please don't neglect the importance of a high spirit. Add food with vitamin A, C, B to your diet, such as fish, animal livers, and eggs. 3.Quit smoking and drinking. Remove spicy food from your recipe. 4.Don't overload your eyes. Use your eyes properly. Pay attention to your posture, distance and light source when using your eyes. Try to relax your eyes in regular intervals. 5.Massage your eyes often to improve the blood circulation and immunity of your eyes.
  • Adam tuener


    Yes, great stress will let you get the macular degeneration. Although aging problem is the main cause for the macular degeneration, great stress will bring the high eye pressure which will also cause the macular degeneration. The pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly for aging macular area structure. You should better have the good mood, good rest, healthy diet and good habits of using eyes. You should not stay up too late which will harm the eyes to the most degree. If you have the stress, you could do the massage to relax yourself. The warm compress on eyes could also help you.