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Diane Bradstock


Why do my eyes get sunburned ?

I get sunburned eyes. It is so strange. I didn't remember that i exposed in the sun for a long time. So, What makes my eyes get sunburned eyes?
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  • Robert Johnson


    Your sunburned eyes could be caused in the sun for a long time. If you want to have the sun burn, you should better wear the sunglasses to protect the eyes from the strong sunshine. Once you get the sunburned eyes, your eyes will be itchy and uncomfortable. You could use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. The warm compress will also be a good way.
  • edward


    Well, from what you said, you must have got something wrong with your eyes. Maybe you just had some tanning under the sun, or perhaps you are just becoming sensitive to sunshine, that is called photophobia. Then, I suggest that you come to visit a doctor and find out what led to that problem, and take relevant actions against it. Try not to look at the sun and get some sunglasses to wear.
  • Brandon cook


    I am sorry to hear that. You must have ignore the proper prevention of your eyes. The sun will emit some dangerous invisibly lights like invisible infra-red or ultra-violet radiation leading to retina burn. Further, retina burns can be caused unconsciously, especially when you have a long time outdoor activities, even on cloudy days, or go out during 10am-2pm, where the sun’s UV rays are at their strongest. Besides, your contact lenses may not have built-in UV protection. Keep it in mind that UV can not be filtered by the cloud. Also, scientists have already proved that prolonged and excessive sun exposure can do a lot of damage to our eyes in the long run. Our white part of the eye may inflame the conjunctiva,called photokeratitis, including the redness of the eyes or discomfort. Don't worry, it can be remedied easily though. What is more, you can avoid permanent damage to your sight by using lubricating eye drops and anti-inflammatory drops.

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