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Is it safe to look at the sun with a telescope ?

Can i look at the sun with telescope? Is it safe? Or it is harmful to the eyes?
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  • candylips167


    It is dangerous to look at the sun with telescope.The sunshine is too strong, if you look at the sun directly, it will burn your eye. If you really want to look at the sun with a telescope, you should do it only when the sun is completely covered in clouds can you see the sun with naked eyes. Never look at the eclipse of the sun with naked eyes, never to say look at it with telescope. It will not just only burn the funds,but also make you blind.
  • Caroline bell


    Yes, it is safe for you to look at the sun with telescope because the inner set has planned the right distance change for you to see at the visual side. It has no harm for your eyes which you could take it relax. If you want to protect the eyes, you could just wear the sunglasses under the strong sunshine which will protect your eyes from the uv rays and other bad lights.
  • Kevin lee


    Oh, that sounds really insane! As you can see, under any circumstances, sunshine is the strongest light sources in the world, which could leave permanent damage to your eyes and get them burned, even make you go blind. Thus, you'd better try not to do anything stupid and take care of your eyes. Just take my advice and get a pair of nice sunglasses with strong UV protection.