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Isabel fergus


How do eye doctors know if you need glasses?

In recent days, i feel blurred vision and eye strain. Sometimes, my eyes are watering and red with discharge. When i go to see eye doctor, he suggest me to buy prescription eyeglasses. Why? Is that mean i got poor vision? Am i really need glasses?
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  • Gabriella


    Usually the eye doctor knows whether we need a pair of glasses or not. But your symptoms can be caused by eye infections too. Why not treat your symptoms and then buy the glasses. You can ask him or her to give you some prescribed medicines to treat with your symptoms first.
  • Thomas keith


    Doctors will check our eyesight and then determine whether you need a pair of glasses or not. Your blurred vision and eye strain can be caused by great pressure. How about have a few days off and relax yourself and applying appropriate treatment at the same time. Then if the symptoms don't go away, you may need to buy a pair of glasses.
  • Rebecca


    Actually, the doctor will use a machine called phoropter to test your eyes. Moreover, there is a chart, on which there are a lot of letters with different size. If you can not see clearly, you more or less need a pair of eyeglasses to correct your vision.
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