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Kyle kirk


Can strabismus correct itself?

Is it possible that strabismus can recover itself? If not, how can correct strabismus?
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  • walkercub76


    Well, in some cases, strabismus can correct by itself. But on the other hand, you need to have surgery to correct. And also patches and corrective glasses will be effective too, at the first period. As we know that strabismus can be either a disorder of the brain in coordinating the eyes. In other words, strabismus is typically caused by injury to the eye orbit. And at the same time, injuries to the brain, such as with a stroke or head injury can lead to strabismus too. Also, there are also some other factors, such as sickness or stress. So you should pay attention to your life habits and also need have a conversation with the doctor, so that you can have a surgery to correct it.
  • James


    If your strabismus is caused by the imitating behavior at the beginning, it will recover itself by correcting your use of eyes. However, most strabismus can't recover itself. Only through the surgery can you cure the strabismus. And now the surgery is an effective and safe way. Thus, you'd better choose the good hospital.
  • Ariana


    No, it could not correct by itself. Strabismus is described as a visual defect, which the eyes are misaligned and point in different directions. It could be amblyopia if left untreated and affect eyesight. Hence, it is necessary to treat it promptly when it is established. Firstly, wear glasses can correct strabismus if it presents as misalignment of the eyeballs. And you can intake botulinum toxin that is a drug to temporarily prevent muscular contractions in the first few periods. Or surgical treatment is the only option to align the eyeballs and correct vision in the eyes affected by strabismus.