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Can a stye cause blurred vision ?

I got eye stye. It is really ugly on my eyelids. Also, i got blurred vision now and then. It is so strange. Can a stye lead to blurred vision?
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  • DEREK Garrana


    A stye can cause blurred vision. The two types of stye: external hordeolum and internal hordeolum, are caused by staphylococcus which is a common bacterium on the skin. The two types of styes are not contagious and not the sign of cancer. When you get styes, you will suffer from redness, swelling and pain in your eyes, accompanied by blurred vision, watery eyes and the feeling of foreign matters. Warm compresses are primary and effective way of treatment. If warm compress does not work, you can adopt incision and drainage. You can also cleanse the affected eyes with water or with mild soap or baby shampoo. While you are doing this, you should keep the eyes closed. However, it is better for you to turn to your doctor.
  • charger101


    It is really bad for you to get eye stye which will make your eyelids look ugly. The stye may lead to your blurred vision. The sty is commonly known as eye of a needle. The eyelid glands acute suppurative inflammation is often caused by a staph infection. It depends on the affected gland tissue and divided into sty department within and outside. In the sty for meibomian gland, there are the eyelash hair follicle and sebaceous gland inflammation. In addition, they are with acute suppurative inflammation. The eye stye may have the limited red swollen eyelids and thermal pain, even with blurred vision. The outer canthus part can be associated with the lateral bulbar conjunctiva oedema. After 3-5 days, pus point form will be shown outside the stye pus point on the skin surface. The sty pus point is in palpebral conjunctiva. The inflammation will go on rapidly. You need to use some eye drops with anti-inflammation. You need to have the good rest for the eyes. You could do the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • crazy_durr


    Well, so sorry to hear that. But from what i know, eye stye is one of the most popular problems in relation to eyes, which should be taken care of. However, such stuff would not lead to decreased vision, for it affects your eyelids the most, unless it spread all over your eyes and led to some infections, that way, your vision could get blurred. Thus, I recommend that you visit a doctor and take actions without hesitation.