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Are 3d glasses worth it?

Is it worthy to buy 3d glasses? I think it is a bit expensive. But i like to watch 3D movies. Any suggestion?
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  • luis


    With the development of technology, 3D glasses are used in our life to see the movie. That's cool for seeing more clearly, and feeling so better. And the 3D televisions and 3d games are made for our life, so, it is necessary to buy 3d glasses. For the price, you could search online stores for Wholesale 3D Glasses, such as alibaba,, and so on. Relatively, they are cheaper than usual. Or, you could buy 3D Glasses with your friends, maybe, it also be cheaper.
  • Elvis Presley


    It depends on you value on 3D glasses. If you have the ability to pay for the glasses and like it very much, you can buy a pair for a better enjoyment. However, If you buy 3D glasses, you must buy 3D TV sets or computer etc. Though 3D glasses is very important to help people get the wonder image and scene in movies, but If your TV sets not support 3D affects, you still can't get good feeling as you do in cinema.
  • Andri


    Well, looks like you just want to get some excitation from watching 3D shows, which require a pair of good 3D glasses. Well, from what I see, 3D shows or plays are not very healthy for your eyes if you enjoy them in the long run, which would give you some negative reactions such as vertigo, dizziness, nausea, etc. However, 3D glasses would not cost you a million on Amazon , which is a nice place to go, just have a try.