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Can dust mites cause puffy eyes?

I get puffy eyes. I guess it may caused by dust mites. Can it be the reason of puffy eyes?
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  • elmo01


    Puffy eyes can be caused by many problems, including infection, inflammation, and allergy, such as allergies to mold, dust, dust mites, animals. Allergic reactions can lead to puffiness of both eyes, and even cause swelling eyes. Tell your doctor about your puffy eyes condition for professional suggestion to identify if your puffy eyes are caused by dust mites.
  • Andri


    Yes, people with a dust mite allergy may suffer puffy eyes. Since you are not sure what cause the puffy eyes, you'd better consult a doctor. Usually, people have a family history of dust mite allergies may more likely to get dust mite allergies. and people with dust mite allergies may also suffer itchy eyes, watery and red eyes and even runny nose. If you really suffer dust mite allergies, you can treat it with decongestants and antihistamines etc. Hope you can recover soon.
  • Matthew baker


    I think it is possible and it is very common. Dust mites are very normal creature in human accomodation. They are very small that human eye can't see them. They like eating dead skin of pets and humans. They are existing many places which might collect dusts. The mits, the excretion, secretion and even the decomposer of the mites are allergens, which can cause allergic reaction. So it is quite possible and common to have puffy eyes from dust mites. Wash your eyes immediately with water. Reducing your exposure to the dust mites could help clear your sysmptoms very soon. And you can note that dust mites can't survive in very cold and dry places. You can reduce dust mites in your room by knowing their living habits.

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