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Caroline bell


What colored contacts are best for black hair ?

How can i choose colored contact lenses? Shall i consider the color of my hair? If so, what colored contact lenses are the best for my black hair?
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  • b1g_head


    Before choosing fitness colored conatct lenses, seeing advice from your oculist is the first and important thing you can do. After you are allowed to wearing colored contact lenses, considering your eye shape and skin color as well as hair color. Commonly blue and deep green contact lenses are popular with many people. Red contact lenses just fit films and TV series, such as Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and some science fiction. Black hair is really suitable for light blue conatct lenses which can enhance your outlook and make you much charming and myterious. White is also a good choice because of pure and fresh it gives to you. Plus, personal hygiene is important during your wearing, or eye infection may occur.
  • Mya harris


    If you have the black hair, you could choose many colors of the contact lenses because many colors will be suitable with black color. If you want to be fashionable, you could choose the red color of the contact lenses. Actually the chocolate or dark blue contact lenses are the most suitable color for most people which you could have a try.
  • neva taylor


    Generally, you need to take your complexion and your hair color into consideration. In my opinion, green and brown contact lenses seem as good choices for those people require subtle change. But I insist blue will look great on you. It can bright your eyes, especially when your eyes are a almost black brown color. Well, go to your optician, he/she may have trial lenses so you can see what they look like. If not, it is wise to have a pair of disposable color lenses, which is not too expensive and can be replaced in two weeks. As for the brand, the doctor will tell you what brand would be best for you. One of my friend wears blue and it is called True Sapphire from 'Fresh Look', she has brown eyes and black hair. Good luck in your research.