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How to remove anti-glare coating from eyeglasses?

The anti-glare coating in my eyeglasses is very scratched, how can I remove them?
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  • Christian george


    Maybe you can try to remove anti- glare coating with sunscreen. You can get a start from cleaning your glasses as best as you can. Using an old (but clean) sock or cotton rag, polish both sides of the lense, reapplying sunscreen as needed. You will feel the surface becoming noticably rougher as the coating is removed and becomes more patchy. It takes a long time, but eventually the last of the tiny patches of coating will be worked through and you'll be left with a really smooth finish. As a last step, you should clean the lenses off and then polish them again with another clean rag.
  • Debbie


    You can apply a coat of Armour Etch cream on both sides of the lenses. But you shouldn't rub the cream into the lenses. Just let it on the lenses for at least 5 minutes. Then rinse the Armour Etch cream off from your glasses under warm water. Finally, use a non-abrasive hand towel to dry your glasses lenses.
  • marvina


    Oh, It is really hard work, I think you shall take it to optical shop and ask optician to do it. Or you can buy a pair of new eyeglasses or eyeglasses lenses instead. Now, with the e-commerce developed, quality prescription eyeglasses online at cheap prices are available. So, why not try a new pair?

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