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Is ipad bad for kids eyes?

My kid likes to play ipad. I worry about her eyes. Is ipad bad for kid's eyes?
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  • Neil


    Actually, we become accustomed to the use of all kinds of electrical products including ipad. The screen of ipad equals to the light resource. That is to say, when the kid stares at the screen, their eyes don't need the reflection of lights. In addition, the pictures of ipad are so moving which will need the inner modulation of the kid's eyes. After a long time of using ipad, the kids' eyes will become changed in the shape of eyeballs. And the axial length will become longer. Thus the kids may get short sighted. You'd better not let your kids play the ipad for a long time. You should control their playing time. Or else, they may need to wear the eyeglasses which will be so convenient for their future life.
  • Jordan


    Yes, iPad is damaging children's eye vision. Because of the eye vision is changeable and flexible before 18 years old. That is to say, children's eye vision is not as stable as adults. iPad is a brilliant tablet, thus children would like to play with it nowadays. However, it provides bright background that would make children's eyestrain easily if children continue use it for a prolonged period. Even it could cause retinal detachment due to the children's retinas is developing and could be pulled out when move too much eyes.
  • Angela green


    No, it's fine to give ipad to your kid. Because it's a perfect object which can do a good job for your kid. For example, your kid can read some news on it and your kid also can have some references from it. Anyway, it is very convenient to have one. On the other hand, you should also pay more attention to time your kid use ipad, because if they spend too much time on it, it will damage their eyes. In other words, when they look at the screen for a long time, their eyes will also focus on it too long. Then it will lead to eye strain. So it will have some eye disease.

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