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Can mascara cause eyelash loss ?

I like to use mascara. but my mom told me that using too much mascara can causes eyeglasses loss. Is this the truth?
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  • Bob Witek


    Yes, that's true. The possible causes of eyelashes loss: 1. The mascara you use contain toxic and irritant chemicals. Choose high quality mascara which contains less chemicals. Some chemicals even arouse inflammation in your hair follicles. 2. Don't curve your eyelashes with eyelash curler too hard. 3. Blush the mascara no more than once. 4.Apply eyelash tonic before you apply mascara. P.S. Even you don't do anything to your eyelashes, they will be replaced with new ones because of metabolism.
  • Trinity rose


    I need to say, using too much mascara will definitely lead to eyelashes loss, especially when the mascara quality is poor. Mascara is one of cosmetic items that I use everyday. It helps eyelashes look darker, longer, and thicker making me gorgeous along with eyeliner and eye shadow. Mascara has a powerful property, water-proof, hambering the health growth of your eyelashes by keeping it in a dry atomosphere. Nowadays, most mascara are designed to keep lashes healthy, such as protein and lash conditioning formulas. But some chemical ingredients like polymers in lengthening mascaras in order to create a smoother, longer look or plumping agents to make each lash look fuller in thickening formulas can dry your eyelashes undoubtedly. Then they break. Well, it is wise to control the dosage, obey the product instructions and do some lash health care.
  • Melanie gerard


    Yes, using too much mascara will cause eyelashes loss because of the friction. Thus, you should do it less. In order to make your eyelashes grow again. You could use the vitamin E to adopt on the surface of the eyelashes. It is really workable and effective. You could have a try. At the same time, you need to have the good rest for the eyes.