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Jason lester


Is there a cure for yellow eyes?

It look ugly and unhealthy to have yellow eyes. How can i get rid of it? Is there a treatment that can cure yellow eyes?
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  • cute_but_catty


    I am happy to answer to your question. I understand that you do not like yellow eyes. Yellow eyes are a symptom of a condition rather than a condition unto itself. Yellow eyes are common in newborns and sometimes in adults, luckily, it usually be easily treated. Therefore, do not be ashamed by the yellow in your eyes, do not care what the other people say. Here, I am glad to introduce some home remedy for yellow eyes: Firstly, get enough rest and sleep. Because yellow eyes build up toxins in your blood stream, and then it cause you to become irritable and tired. Secondly, eat more fruit and vegetables, in some certain, they can facilitate the healing and regeneration process of the liver to cure yellow eyes. Thirdly, consult your doctor online or search knowledge about yellow eyes. The more you know, the better you recover. Certainly, this is for the common symptoms, you must go to see a doctor if you get in the serious condition. May you be fine in a short time, good luck for you.
  • Wendy


    Yellow eyes are caused by the excess bilirubin in your blood; yellow eyes can be a sigh of underlying disease. If you have yellow eyes with out any other symptoms, you should go see a doctor to find out what causes the yellow eyes. You may have jaundice which is a sigh of liver problems, without a careful assessment by your doctor; it's unable to treat you.
  • Michael?anderson


    There are several reasons for yellow eyes. First of all, if you over eat too much foods which are rich in carrotene or colored medicines, the pigments will deposit in your eyes and present as yellow color. The you should adjust your daily diet and eat less or stop eating these kinds of foods. Second, if you live in a sandy and windy circumstances and your eyes happen to be big and with short and few eyelashes, the sands will easily get into your eyes and making your eyes itchy and become yellow. You should not wipe your eyes and should wear goggles when you are outside, and drink more water, do not drink too much alcohol, and never smoke. Thirdly, you may get diseases of liver and gall, which is called jaundice, if so, your eyes becoming yellow is only a kind of symptom, and you should go to the doctor's to seek cure in your liver and gall. Pay attention to having adequate rest and daily diet.

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