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Trinity rose


Can eye exercises cure myopia?

Can myopia be cured by doing eye exercise? My mother told me it does work. Is there anyone who has such experience?
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  • Miranda hall


    Yes, myopia could be cured by doing eye exercise because of the adjustment of the interpupillary distance. It really works which will help you get release after the tired use of eyes. You could keep on doing eye exercise after you sit in front of the computers for a long time. You will find that your eyes will feel better and see more bright after doing eye exercise.
  • Anthony cecil


    It depends. For some people with mild myopia, keeping eye exercise every day and balance nutrition and healthy life style can recover their eyesight. But for some people who with severe myopia, just doing eye exercises can't cure their myopia. But it can help them reduce their myopia and improve their eyesight. If you have very severe myopia, you are suggested to take lasik eye surgery. It can cure myopia, but it is also risks. Anyway, doing eye exercises can benefit eyes a lot. So, just go on!
  • leigh sehr


    I think your question is nonsense. Doing exercise can help with preventing myopia, not curing it. No any physical way can correct myopia but surgery. You need to stay away computer and TV screen because the UV lights that produced by screens has a deep side effect on eyesight. Also, you should take a good rest every to keep eye health. And you can form a good reading habit to protect your eyes. These ways can help you prevent degrees from getting higher, but not help with curing.
  • walkingthesky


    We all know that doing eye exercises is good for eyes and some people also believe that it can cure myopia, too. But in fact, performing eye exercise can only reduce eye strain and just keep myopia under control. Let’s imagine it: will exercising the eyes make the basic of eyeball longer or shorter? No. The truth is your eyes are tired after you working so long, and doing some exercise can make it relax. So the most important thing is far away from excessive eye. You can read the related article by clicking the web.