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Jordan owen


How to cure sore eyes fast naturally?

I got sore eyes. I feel it is really pain. What shall i do know to help my sore eyes? Do you have any suggestion?
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  • hanes3777


    Apart from medical treatments, there are still many a nice natural or home remedies for the relief of sore eyes. Firstly, raw grated apples are said to be of much help to relieve sore eyes. Secondly, you can also choose slices of cucumber to apply to your eyes and in about 30 minutes you will find your sore eyes relieves. I am sure many of you must have heard that rose water is likewise can help the treatment of sore eyes. Indeed, you can surely rely on rose water to treat your sore eyes which can be of great help. You can boil some water and add some salt in it. The boiled salt water you have gotten will also be an ideal home remedy for your sore eyes. At last you can directly go to buy some artificial teardrops and use them at home to treat your sore eyes. No matter which way you want to try ,just remember not to get dirt and virus into your eyes and wash your hands clean all the time.


    I can provide you with several ways to cure sore eyes, and wish one or more of them can help you. The first way is cover your eyes with a wet towel twice a day, closing your eyes and trying to relax your eyes, you will feel more comfortable after few days. The second method is to do some eye massage every day. There are three adjacent points in our thumbs, they are the bright eyes, big eyes and empty bone, your can stimulate the three points two times a day to reduce sore eyes. The third way is a long journey, you must make sure a reasonable diet and take enough vitamin. Carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, peas, green pepper, mango, red dates are the excellent choices. Above all, you should attach more importance to sore eyes and insist on the treatment.


    Your sore eyes may be caused by the lots use of computers or tvs which will make your eyes get hurt and painful. You need to use some eye drops to moisture the eyes and get rid of the invisible bacterium in the eyes. You could also use the warm compress by finding the clean cloth and hot water to make yourself become comfortable. You need to have the rest for the eyes which is very important.

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