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Gabriella rupert


What is the average lifespan of an eyelash?

I just want to know what are the lifespan of an eyelash? What will cause the falling of my eyelashes? Can it be caused by some eye problems?
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  • consilium_capit


    The average lifespan of an eyelash is 5 to 6 months, and it need ten weeks for new eyelashes to grow again after the old eyelash falling. The main factor cause the falling od eyelash for many girls is mascara cream, and a lot of girls is not in accordance with the eyelash hair growth direction to put on mascara, the inappropriate way of putting on makeup will bring about the result of falling. Moreover, eye disease such as blepharitis may cause the falling of eyelash, and the falling of eyelash may cause eye disease such as hair follicle damage.
  • Brooke peters


    Eyelash grows before the eyelid margin of lip, arranged in 2-3 lines. The number of eyelashes is usually 100-150. The average length of it is 8 to 12 mm. They are slightly above the bend forward tilt of the upper eyelid hair growth of the average person. They are in open up state. Eyelash hair follicles nerve is rich. Thus the eyelash is very sensitive which can cause eyelash blink reactions around hair follicles which have sweat glands and sebaceous glands. They drain openings in the cilium maomao. Eyelash protective fluctuation eyelid margin eyelash blouses guardians which are arranged on the edge of the palpebral fissure eyelash. It is the second line of defense. When you first met eyelash, it cause neurological reflex immediately. They will protect the eyes from alien invasion which have shading. They could prevent dust and sweat into the intraocular foreign bodies. You should protect the eyes carefully.

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