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Savannah taylor


Is iron good for dark circles under eyes?

Will eat more food contains iron can help reduce dark circles under eyes? Why?
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  • ebbainthesky


    Yep, it does help improve dark circles under the eyes. This essential function of iron is to transport oxygen to the body through the blood. Without it, the skin to look pale and in turn the paleness of the skin would highlight the veins under the eyes. Supplementing your diet with iron would reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes by speeding up the blood flow and improve your overall health. You could intake iron rich food to improve the dark circles under the eyes. such as leafy vegetables, seaweed, raisins, kidney and among many others. Be careful do not intake more than the daily recommended dose of iron, otherwise, it may lead to iron poisoning.
  • Zoe


    The deposited pigment may cause the black rim of the eyes, presenting dark brown. As long as you often eat meat and vegetables which contain iron, your food nutrition supplements will be improved. And you can reduce the dark circles under the eyes. In addition, eating more food with iron will improve your health at the same time.
  • cocreative


    Definitely yes. A British nutritionist once pointed out in an article on the Daily Mail that dark circles under eyes can be caused by unhealthy eating habits and unscientific diets. Sometimes dark circles are caused by the iron-deficiency anemia. Therefore, dark circles under eyes can be reduced by regularly eating some food rich in iron, such as cotton, beef, yolk and pulses. In addition, the intake of protein, collagen is also effective in getting rid of these dark circles. Besides, you need to have a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep.