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Can kids wear reading glasses?

Usually, reading glasses are used by older people to help presbyopia. I wonder if kids can wear reading glasses. What will happen if children wear reading glasses?
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  • Michelle percy


    Reading glasses are mainly designed in order to meet the needs of older people whose eyes can't see the near things clearly because of the normal physiology phenomenon. However, kids should not wear the reading glasses. When wearing them, the kids may feel dizzy and see things in blurry which will have stimulation on their eyes. Thus, you'd better not let kids wear the reading glasses.
  • Luke oliver


    kids can wear reading glasses, actually there are reading glasses for kids on the market. If kids have pseudo-myopic eyes, doctors usually recommend them to wear reading glasses. Since reading glasses is a kind of convex glasses, it can relax their stressed ciliary muscle. So wearing reading glasses can curb the worsening of myopia and alleviate visual fatigue. But you must consult your eye doctor about how long you should wear it.
  • Allison walker


    Generally speaking, it is not recommend kids wearing reading glasses if they have any vision problems. As you said, the reading glasses are made to help people with presbyopia. So, it needn't reading glasses for kids. But i also heard that kids wear reading glasses can help them prevent myopia after they grow up. But there is no evidence to show that is correct. So, you'd better not let your children wear reading glasses.
  • Marissa


    Reading or prescription glasses are used to facilitate people with eye problems. If the kid’s eyes are health, why do they need a pair of glasses! In general, myopia or hyperopia are due to the change of curve of eye lens. The image of objection locates in front of or behind the retina. So, there would be blurred vision. With the help of prescription or reading glasses, we can see objections clearly no matter far and near. The construction of kid’s eyes are developing. If they wear glasses improperly, their eyes could be damaged and lead to a series of uncomfortable symptoms, like dizzy, sick. Any wrong action can result in serious result. Look before you leap!
  • Eminen


    Of course they can. I know several children who wear them, some short-sighted, some long-sighted. Just make sure that the eyes are tested and the glasses fitted by a properly qualified optician.