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James green


how much does an eye exam cost at cohen fashion optical?

I never heard of cohen fashion optical. One of my friend recommend me to take an exam at that shop. How much will they charge for an eye exam?
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  • Katie


    Although the shop of cohen fashion optical is not famous at reputation as other big shops, the service there is good and the eyeglasses it offers have the high quality and latest design. About the eye exam, the average price is about $ 40. You may go there and ask directly about the discount information.
  • harris


    I never take exam at cohen fashion optical. I just search online and find that their sites signs that it is need $20 for an Eye Exam. They will determining your prescription, our comprehensive Eye Exam. Besides, you can search their coupons one online if you want to save money. Just contact their worker, they will give you an answer how much you will be charged for an exam.
  • Derek T.


    Cohen's fashion optical is state licensed. You can get high quality eye exam there. Doctors there will determine whether vision correction is needed for you after diagnose. The cost of eye exam there is low. They also have saving programs and coupons for relevant customer. Depends on the type and content of exam, it will cost from 20 dollars to more and it accept insurance. You can easily schedule your exam online. For more information you can check the official website.
  • Eric rupert


    As a matter of fact, cohen fashion optical is an American optical center based in Ner York City, which is famous and renowned for its great service and customer awareness. Over there, you will get some satisfactory service and great eye exam, which would not cost you a lot, they price might be cheaper if you are their member. You should prepare about 50 dollars, that would be fine.

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