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Allison walker


How much is a pair of average lacoste sunglasses?

Do you know how much are the average price for lacoste sunglasses? Are they really expensive?
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  • eisenstiefel


    As a matter of fact, Lacoste is a French brand founded in Paris in 1933 which dedicated itself to making the top-quality goods ranged from shoes , perfume, clothes, to sunglasses.Of course their sunglasses are also of great quality and design. So, the price for them is considerable which could be as much as over ten grand, anyway, they are luxuries, so you have to bleed as long as you like them.
  • Brandon


    I just search them through internet. And i find some lacoste sunglasses at Their prices are different from each types. I see the cheapest one is prices at $70. But there are also high prices lacoste sunglasses that are sold at $ 142. And there are still many lacoste sunglasses priced about $110. Here their websites, you can check yourself:
  • Christopher


    The price of laocaste sunglasses a pair is charging from $65 to $150. And the average price online for the lacoste sunglasses is about $ 100. Actually, if you want to buy one to wear when you are out, you could go to the online store to have a look. The price there is suitable.