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What kind of glasses are nerdy glasses?

What kind of glasses are nerdy glasses? How do they look like?
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  • george


    nerd glasses is one of an popular type of eyeglasses this year. They are very popular among both young generation adults. Usually, a pair of nerd eyeglasses appeared as black full framed eyeglasses. And they are not the fresh style eyeglasses but made in the last century and mainly worn by some pedant. Right now, they are look good among most of people with a fresh and intelligent look.
  • griffin


    You will find that there are many people wearing nerdy glasses in recent years. Nowadays people who wear nerd glasses cannot be regarded as geeks and nerds any longer, it is considered as a fashion instead. Some people who wear nerd glasses do look cool. In the past, nerd glasses refer to horn rimmed glasses which are made of horn and tortoise shell. Over time, these glasses became black, heavy and dark framed glasses with no nose pads. And now we often refer to the nerd glasses as the dark, plastic eye glasses with thickness of the frame.