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What are the best glasses for businessmen?

How do you think of rectangular metal glasses for a businessmen? Or what are the best glasses for businessmen?
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  • Victor Lee


    Unless you have the money for multiple frames, you%u2019re going to be stuck with the color of your glasses for a long time. Choose it carefully! Suit-and-tie men are limited by their formal dress code to the most traditional and neutral options: base metallic colors (gold and silver tones) or fine black are acceptable, but anything thick, plastic-looking, or brightly-colored is going to clash with business dress.
  • chosen_cookie


    Nowadays, the glasses you wear are actually being an important part of your identity. So choosing a pair of glasses that suit for you can be important. As for businessman, the glasses should embody his confidence, elegance and intelligence. Three points for you to consider, firstly, classic shapes such as ovals, rectangles and almonds may be better. Secondly, traditional colors of brown, gold and black will be fine. Finally, avoid bright colors and unusual shapes. Personally, rectangular metal glasses fit for a businessman.
  • Jordyn carter


    I think rectangular glasses for a businessman are appropriate. The glasses with conservative frames and colors are the best for businessmen, for people of this career should give a trustworthy and staid impression to others. Oval, rectangles and almonds frame shapes are preferable for glasses for business. The frame colors shouldn't be bright or flashy, and you'd better choose low-profile colors such as gold, silver, brown, grey and black. I suggest you to wear glasses with frames of these colors also because they are easily matched with your business suits. I recommend Danish Eyewear style M791 to you, for it will give you an elegant and confident look.
  • Brooke


    I think rectangular metal glasses are a good choice. As we all know, as a businessman we have to convey our professional and mature when we talk with our clients and business partner. The rectangular metal glasses not only make you look wisdom, but also can emphasize our masculinity. I believe a good appearance will really be helpful for your business.
  • Zoe


    As I know, most business man likes to wear metal eyewear. Even though I do not know why but it seems a token of status. Rectangular metal glasses is a best choice for business man. I also highly recommended it and there is no other frames which are better suitable for business man.
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