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Do all sunglasses have the protection of uv rays?

Or do they just block the lights?
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  • hand_in_glove_


    Yes,all sunglasses are supposed to prevent UV rays,and it is the main purpose of them.But some bad quality sunglasses don't block UV rays and even let more UV rays come into your eyes.So when you are buying sunglasses,do choose a reliable store.
  • california_lovv


    Prevention of UV radiation is almost the first concern for people to choose sunglasses. Except for sunglasses which are labeled as "cosmetic', all sunglasses offer the protection of UV rays.
  • Ethan walker


    In fact, sunglasses should have 100% UV protection, or it will damage our eyes. However, I don't believe all sunglasses can block 100% UV rays. So when you buy sunglasses, you should let your optician check whether your sunglasses have UV protection.
  • walksonthabeach


    Bad quality sunglasses will not,I think.They just help block the lights.

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