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What happens if you drink eye drops?

What would happen if you drink eye drops by accident?
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  • Aimee


    If you not carefully drink some eye drops. There are some things you should pay attention to. First, don't frighten. Be calm and check what you have drunk. If you just drunk some regular eye drops, it will basically just be fine. Secondly, if you drunk some eye drops that are specially made for some special eye diseases and you feel uncomfortable, I suggest you go to see a doctor. At last, I advise you to be careful with these eye drops and avoid this bad situations from happening.
  • elblancodiablo


    Eye drops is supposed to used on your eyes. If you drink it by accident. That maybe dangerous to cause some discomfort. I heard that a certain types of eye drops can cause diarrhea like you've never experienced in your life. It really hard to experience diarrhea after you drink eye drops. I wish you not drink it by accident. Good luck.
  • Guava


    That depends on the type of eye drops you drink. Some types of eye drops contain tetrahydrozoline which can irritate the body's system and then cause diarrhea. Sometimes tetrahydrozoline in the eye drops will make blood pressure increased once it counteracts with some medications like blood/heart prescriptions. So drinking eye drops maight be a serious problem. If you drink eye drops by accident, you should go to see a doctor immediately.
  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    That would depend on how much you drank. 1 to 2 drops are safe, for when we drip eye drops into our eyes, some of them will enter into belly through respiratory tract. If you drink more, go to hospital at once. That may cause serious problems especially for children. Kids have weak immune systems. You'd better put eye drops on a place which babies cannot contact and avoid put your eye drops into other bottles in case that someone mistake them. To sum up, safety first and we should pay attention to various security at any time.
  • clozco


    The eye drops contain a lot of vitamins, some components to the body's are unnecessary, because a bottle of eye drops has 5 ml at most, first after hepatic metabolism, the other foreign body metabolic away. In fact People's eyes and mouth is together, eye drops dripped into the eyes will get into the mouth more or less. So you need not worry about that too much. But I suggest that you should drink much more water to dilute the eye drops which you drink before. It can be good.

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