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How to get rid of cold in eyes?

I guess i got cold in eyes. How do i get rid of it? Any idea?
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  • Janice


    Cold in eyes is known conjunctivitis at some times. It caused by some bacteria and viruses can spread easily. There are some remedies for the cold in your eyes. Firstly, wear your glasses instead of contacts if you you wear them contact lenses. You can wear your contacts again until you feel good for your eyes. Secondly, for the women, you should avoid use of makeup to protect your eyes. Thirdly, make a good environment for your eyes health. For example,clean your hands usually, do not use eye drops with others, do not wear another person's contact lenses. In a word, form a good habit is the key point for your eye health. Good luck.


    Do not be too worried about your eye cold because eye cold is not in the least a serious eye discomfort. As we know eye cold is very often caused by affection of viruses like adenoviruses, herpes simplex, mumps and measles. So you can treat eye cold just at home. Stop touching your eyes right now otherwise you will make the infection worse and worse and if possible wash your hands frequently. A warm or cold compress to the eye is helpful to treat eye cold. If the eye cold causes eye pain, you can alleviate the pain by using a smoothing eye drop. At last, if you find any treatment is of no help and the eye cold get worse, you are supposed to see the doctor who can offer you more professional treatment.
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