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bnp das


loss of vision in one eye

My wife aged 53 years had one eye sight problem with very poor (blured) vision since last 10 years. Other eye is good and strong to see all . Suddenly this left weak eye gradually detoriating the vision sight and last 2 days before she lost her vision on left eye sight. But she is doing normal sight by right eye. Left eye had no pain only had some itching may be due to drynes effect.

Sir my question is whether by any treatment / eye exercise she can improve her left eye vision ( at least 20 to 30 %) by doing any treatment so strengthen the optical nerve. Now she is able to see the light only but no object by left eye. It is not complete dark , only light appears on the eye but no object she able to see.

Pl suggest what to do for her treatment.

With regards,

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  • bnp das


    Also she is low BP (65/110). Having no sleep in the night (suffering with insomnia). She sleep in the early morning 5 to 10 am daily.
    Sometime she sweat and feel cold and also sometime feel hot flashes, Her heart beat is rapid.
    Lower leg was found minor some sweling effect ( 2 inches dia round area), dry eye and itching .
    Please suggest some treatment.

    With regards,
  • Victor Lee


    It seems that your wife is suffering from some kind of disorder. I suggest you to send your wife for a general check-up.