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Logan hall


What are the best sunglasses for everyday use?

I want to buy a pair of sunglasses right now. Do you have any suggestion? What types of sunglasses are best to wear everyday?
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  • Sharon Field


    Sunglasses are differentiated from prescription glasses by their unique function of providing wearers with attractive image as well as extra eye protection. In the open air and under the fierce sunlight, sunglasses are especially useful to offer wearers eye protection. In general, sunglasses to be worn everyday are not the same as those that are worn by experts like basketball players and swimmers. Sunglasses to be worn everyday can be in the style of prescription glasses which will not make you too eye appealing in the public or at work. So sunglasses with glasses frames like round, square, big, small, rimless, half and full rim, and any irregular shape are all your choices. As to how to choose the right one, you'd better pick up one according to your face shape. For example, if your face is round and short, you should not choose too big one.
  • eden540


    Your sunglasses for everyday use should have the function of protecting your eyes from UV and glare which are the biggest dangers to your eyes. When you are purchasing sunglasses, you should check the manufacturers' tag to see if the UV rating is 100 percent. As for everyday use, your sunglasses should fit for your face shape and make you look good. Sunglasses for everyday use can be regarded as accessory, so you should take style and fashion into consideration. The quality of sunglasses also counts. Your sunglasses should withstand accidental damage in everyday life, such as scratching and breaking. I recommend ray-ban to you, it is a big manufacturer making sunglasses of high quality and great variety. Here is its official website:
  • Victor


    Ok, it seems that you just want to get a pair of sunglasses from everyday use, and that need is easily to be satisfied. All you gotta need is just quality, design, as well as the color of the lenses. What I recommend is nerd sunglasses with black lenses, because those sunglasses could be compatible with most types of people. Just try to try them on one by one before you closing the deal.