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. I want to find some sunglass stores whiching is going on the promotion recently..?

I am going to have my holiday in Florida, you know the weather is so hot, and I want to buy a pair of sunglass to protect my eyes,hope your answer include the coupons and some other relative things which is free of charge, reasonable price and high quality is my urgent need, million thanks to you.
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  • 04/12/2012

    I know the Firmoo online optical store usually give the promotion when the festival is coming.If you have interest,you can go to their website to get more datails.That is
  • walkingcaine


    Sweetie, there are so many eyeglasses stores online. If you input cheap sunglasses stores on Google, you can find them. I have ordered two pairs of glasses on Firmoo. They are very cheap and beautiful. But I think I must take good care of them because they seem so delicate. Plus any kind of sunglasses can't bear one drop too. And Firmoo often hold some activities. people can get free sunglasses from some activities. And she will give discount products randomly. so these products have the same quality as other products have. You can have a look. Good luck!
  • Sara


    Why not buy a pair of sunglasses in Florida? It is very convenient. You can go to a local eyeglasses store and choose a pair of sunglasses that you like. I don't think they will be more expensive than buying a pair of sunglasses in your home town.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    I suggest you to buy a pair of sunglasses in your local place if you want to get some discount or coupons because you can check the quality of the products. Some eyeglasses stores will sell eyeglasses at lower price if there are some flaws on eyeglasses. I have bought a pair of sunglasses that look just like a pair of old sunglasses. I am not satisfied with those sunglasses and then I ask for a refund. The online customer services treat me so bad. I won't buy any eyeglasses from that store anymore.