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Brittany dale


What can I do to get rid of a black eye in 24 hours?

The black eye upsets me. How can i do to get rid of the black eyes in 24 hours?
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  • Adam peters


    I don't know whether your black eye is serious or not or how long did you get it. But some methods here may help you: First, the most common and natural therapy is to stick the cold compresses on your eyes, which help to relieve the muscles around the eyes swelling. Second, put the potato slice on the part of black eye, which can have the same efficiency as well as skin whitening. Third, the eye cream or the eye treatment mask can be against the black eye. It can ease the stress from the eye. If it is with the eye massage, its effects will be double. Actually, above points I mentioned is the second place. If you really want to get rid of the black eye, I advice you pay attention to the time. Keep enough time to sleep and have a good rest. And if you are free in weekends, cook some food with vitamin and eat more fruits better. These are more efficient than any other else chemotherapy and physical therapy.
  • enycelilbabii


    It should depend on how serious your black eye is and how you get the black eye. Nasal injuries, facelifts, jaw surgery, allergic reactions, bites, skin infection around the eye can all cause a black eye. The most common cause is a blow to the face around the eyes. If you want to get rid of a black eye that was caused by injury, you can use ice bags and place it on the area where it is bruised. When it warms up, switch it for a new one. But I doubt it will be completely gone in 24 hours. Also, you can try to use a comb and scrape the area.