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Are daily disposable contact lenses more expensive?

I plan to quit my eyeglasses and wear contacts. Any good suggestion, what types of contact lenses should i choose? Are daily disposable contact lenses expensive than other types of contact lenses?
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  • Mackenzie raphael


    Actually I prefer contact lenses than glasses too. If you never ever wear contact lenses before, you should choose the softer and thinner lenses, which makes you more comfortable and easier to get used to them. According to my experiences, soft contact lenses with the same brand, it costs more for daily disposable lenses than yearly lenses. If you need to wear contact lenses everyday, I recommend you to choose contact lenses with longer lift time. It is cheaper and its quality is reliable. If you wear the lenses occasionaly, it is better to buy the daily disposable lenses. You don't have to worry about the storage when you don't wear them.
  • Cameron


    If you plan to always use contact lenses in your following life, buying daily disposable contact lenses are more costly. Because disposable contact lenses are made for wearing one time. If you choose it, you need new disposable contact lenses daily. But other contact lenses such as monthly contact lenses which allow you wear one reuse one pair of contact lenses in a month. From this point, disposable contact lenses are more costly. But wearing disposable contacts are more convenient and healthier than monthly contacts.
  • enigma_g


    Generally speaking, when choosing contact lenses, you should consider these aspects. First, it must be appropriate, and the surface should be bright and clean. Besides, it must be easily put on and have good diaphaneity. Actually daily disposable contact lenses is slightly more expensive than any other types of contact lenses. Because it have many advantages, for example, it is convenient and sanitary.
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