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Makayla raphael


Can thyroid cause bags under eyes?

I just want to know if i get eye bags due to thyroid? If so, how can i produce it?
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    It maybe. Thyroid conditions can affect one's appearance. Thyroid disorder can change the skin, hair muscle and bone. So, for some people with thyroid disease, they may get eye bags under the eyes. It give you a tired appearance. And till now, i didn't find any medical necessity for surgical treatment for eye bags because of thyroid disorder. Personally, you'd better try anyway you could to treat thyroid first. As you recover from thyroid problem, other eye problems such as eye bags will go away itself.
  • Joshua?arnold


    Eye bags can be caused by many problems, including aging, stay up working, and some disease also can cause eye bags, such as thyroid. And there are many ways for remove eye bags, such as using eye cream, taking plastic surgery. For the eye bags caused by thyroid, curing thyroid problems should be the first step.


    Yes, you could get eye bags due to thyroid which can only show the eyelid late fall, retreat rabbit eye and eyelid pure exophthalmos or exophthalmos with different degree of hyperthyroidism by controlling the hyperthyroidism in the early stage The moderately active disease include the continuous eyelid, eyelid shrinking, late fall exophthalmus and some soft tissue. You could take notice of such disease. Your eye bags may be stimulated by the irritating nerves due to thyroid. You could use the eyes drops at home with anti-inflammation to help you get rid of the coming bacterium. You could also use the warm compress home remedy by finding the hot water and clean cloth to make your eyes feel comfortable and release the symptom of thyroid eye disease. The warm compress will also make you feel comfortable at the eyes.