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Tyler charles


Does tiredness cause sore eyes?

Can being tired lead to sore eyes? How to help sore eyes?
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  • b3a2b3y


    Yes, tiredness can lead to sore eyes. If one feels tired, so does the eyes. The function of eyes will be affected and one's eyes will feel very dry and uncomfortable and that lead to sore eyes. Some people tend to rub their eyes when they feel tired, which is very harmful to their eyes. The following is some tips to address sore eyes, 1. Do eye exercise every day. 2. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day. 3. Take breaks when you eyes feel tired. 4. Drink green tea. 5. Keep your hands and eyes clean. 6.Get some adequate sleep so that your eyes get adequate time and relaxation for rejuvenation.
  • Jacob adams


    Tired eyes can cause other uncomfortable and annoying symptoms of the eye such as sore eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, or water eyes. There are some simple way to prevent eye fatigue, taking enough rest, using eye drops, improve your working environment, applying compresses of warm water on eyes.
  • walker8016


    Sore eyes are an unpleasant sensation in or around one or both eyes. Sore eyes is often called conjunctivitis, or pink eyes. Tired is one cause of sore eyes. You may get sore eyes from prolonged close work such as reading or concentrating on a computer screen. An incorrect prescription for eyewear and prolonged contact lens wear also causes sore eyes. You can relieve discomfort at home by applying warm compresses to your eyes for 5-10 minutes three times a day. Also, place some fresh cucumber slices on eyes can help with reducing pain and irritation. Good rest is the best thong you can do for yourself.

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