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How to Choose Which is Right for You,Glasses or Contacts?

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  • colddaz


    Whether glasses or contacts are right for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when making that decision.People choose to wear glasses because they are convenient. It is possible to open your eyes in the morning, put your glasses on, and enjoy immediate perfect vision. Reading glasses can be put on and taken off in a matter of seconds. there are disadvantages as well,Glasses can fog up when switching from cold to warm temperature or from dry to humid air. Some people do not like the way that glasses look, while others find it hard to get used to the weight of eyeglasses on the face. Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not alter your appearance. They do not get blurry or fog up in temperature extremes. There is no extra weight on your face, and contacts are usually affordable. Most people find contacts comfortable to wear. Many people wear a combination of both. Your vision care specialist may recommend one type of vision correction over the other if you have certain eye diseases or are prone to eye problems. People with severe astigmatism, for example, may have a hard time wearing certain kinds of contact lenses. Speak to your eye doctor or optician to help you to decide which kind of vision correction is right for you.
  • linda


    It depends on your hobby, there are many inexpensive glasses online store, you totally can buy both of them. i wear contacts and glasses. When I was young I looked like a dork with glasses (I know how you feel), then I switched to contacts and became rather good looking. But now that I am older, I think glasses are cool. They make me look smarter and older. I wear contacts throughout the day and in public. I wear glasses when I need to, like when I take my contacts out, or if I feel like taking a break from contacts so will wear my glasses around the house.