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Diane Rhone


can dry eyes cause double vision?

My eyes are often dry. i wonder will my dry eyes cause double vision.
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  • Paul Hathone


    Yes. thought there are lots of reason that can cause double vision. But dry eyes is one of the factor that may cause double vision. If you have severe dry eyes such as Sjogren's syndrome. It can cause double vision due to insufficient or poor quality tears. But this is not a big problem. If you feel eye try, you can use some eye drops to help you release from dry eyes.
  • Jonathan tuener


    When the eye pressure is not stable, it is easy for you to get the double vision. And the eye pressure is depended on the emotion, inner body work and so on. If your eyes are too dry, it may cause the eyes get infection which will make the eye nerves go in disorder. Thus, the dry eyes cause the double vision. You'd better go to see the doctor and treat the dry eyes.
  • emptypayphone


    Well, we can say that double vision can be caused by dry eyes. Generally speaking, after the hard work, your eyes feel tired and strain, even have the double vision. When people work hard for a long time, it is easy to have eye strain because they have to focus their eyes on one thing for a long time. Then, the eye strain will just decrease the blood flow and in this way, your eye will become blurry, and also become dry eyes. In this situation, the double vision can happen. So in my opinion, if you have dry eyes, you should pay more attention to it. In some cases, you also should go and have an eye exam. So that you can find a good way to treat them.
  • walkingalone123


    As a matter of fact, normal vision is partly attributed to moist eyes and frequent eye blinks you know? So, I wonder if you are absorbed in video games or something like that. If so, you should play less and give your eyes more time to relax and rest. Of course, dry eyes will result in blurred vision or double vision, perhaps plus some other causes of your symptom. Anyway you should pay more attention to your eye health.


    There are many causes, including dry eyes, that can cause the double image. If you have ever been told you have astigmatism, that can cause the slight %u2018ghost' image if it is not currently corrected. Strabismus, the misalignment of the eyes, also causes double vision. My retinal specialists have had patients with membranes on their retinas sometimes say they see a ghost image.

    The best way to find out what part of the eye is causing your ghost image is to see your eye doctor.