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How much does it cost for Strabismus surgery in New York?

I live in New York and I want to know the approximate cost for Strabismus surgery.
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Answers (3)

  • crusanov


    My mother had a strabisumus surgery last year and it cost almost 3,000 dollars without any insurance. If you have insurance, it would cost less as Strabismus surgery is a corrective procedure.
  • Myra Taylor


    The cost for Strabismus surgery depends on the condition, surgeon's fees, general anaesthesia, other hospital charges, etc. It can vary anywhere from 2000 - 6000 dollars or more, The best way to find out the cost would be to consult your surgeon and he would be glad to tell you.
  • covenmasters


    It will cost you a couple of thousand dollars at least. It usually ranges from 2000 - 6000 USD or more depending on your condition. I think the best way is to consult your surgeon because different surgeons may requir different cost.