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Can i go out after cataract surgery?

My mother didn' t want me to go out coz I just had my cataract surgery last week. Why??? I don' t think there can be any side effects!
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  • Christina


    After the cataract surgery, you need a period of time to recover your eyes. So, you shall be very careful during the recovery time. Usually, patient who take the surgery are suggested to closed their eyes and have a good rest for sometime. Of course, you can go out after the cataract surgery. But you shall prepare sunglasses or something to shield your eyes if you go to the sun. Besides, do not dive the first day after the surgery. And also, you shall be very careful that do not let water into your eyes when you wash face or take a shower. What's more, sports activities such as football, swimming are not allowed in the following few weeks.
  • CeCe Bazel


    Your mother do not let you go out because she is afraid that the effects of the surgery may get affected if you go out. But this is already a week after the cataract surgery, you can gradually go out but still need to be very careful. Do not lift heavy things or bend down to pick up things by yourself. Do not rub your eyes. You had better wear a pair of sunglasses to screen the strong light outdoors and screen off the ultraviolet rays in the sunshine. Otherwise, your eyes will easily get damaged again or your iris may even fall out. Remember that the protection and care after the surgery are no less important than the surgery itself, and carelessness may lead to a failed surgery effects.
  • Anthony


    As a matter of fact, we should pay attention to our eyes after cataract surgery. Because improper treatment may lead to other eye problems. Here are some tips about how protect our eyes in order to reduce the harm to our eyes. 1: After cataract surgery, you need avoid outside activity. If you are going outside, you had better wear a sunglasses for fear injury and infection. 2: You should avoid the soap water into your eyes when take a shower or wash your hands. 3: You should not rub your eyes with your hands. 4: Do not watch TV or read for a long time. Give your eyes enough time to rest. 5: Try to avoid lifting heavy things. If you have any problems, you should see a doctor immediately.

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