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Jordan smith


What is good for raccoon eyes?

My girlfriend seems to get raccoon eyes for some days and she just keeps complaining to me every day. Guys, please help me. Who can tell me what is good for raccoon eyes?
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  • Jonathan


    Raccoon eyes are also called black eyes or dark circles. You should tell your girlfriends not to usually stay up late at night. She should get adequate rest and sleep instead of using the eyes too much. To get rid of the raccoon eyes, people can spread some eye cream with the function of skin whitening onto the skin under the eyes every day and do some massaging for a few minutes to promote the blood circulation around the eyes. Do it three to four times per day, especially before bedtime. Besides, potatoes , apples and cucumbers are also good for the eyes. Cut them into thin and sliced pieces and put one piece on each one of the closed eyes and keep the state for about 15 minutes. Keep doing it every day and two times each day. it will be effective.
  • Susan Wright


    The first thing you should do is to check whether your lifestyle at present can lead to the raccoon eyes. If you do not sleep enough, the dark circles will appear. There is a research showing that sleeping for 4 to 5 or less every day has negative effects on your health. You should know if your diet is balanced. Your diet should contain more fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides, food like lobster, sardines, shrimp, raspberries and nuts can also work to alleviate the dark circles. If you still have raccoon eyes even though your lifestyle is healthy, you can consider seeing a dermatologist. Putting cucumber slices over your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes is also effective. When you are out, it is also necessary for you to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV that worsens the condition.