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Can I go to the gym after cataract surgery?

Will it be okay if I go to the gym after cataract surgery? I am bored at home.
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  • Johane


    You are not supposed to go to the gym after the cataract surgery. However, you can take some slight exercises one week after the surgery. Light walking is permissible within 24 to 48 hours. You cannot do any heavy lifting or bend from the waist to reach the object on the ground unless your doctor allows you to do so. You cannot swim and do other water activities within the first week after the surgery, for contact with water can lead to infection. So you should not come back to the gym because the exercises in the gym are tough and you will sweat a lot when having the exercises. But you need not wait too long, for the majority of the patients can go to the gym within one month after the surgery.
  • Russ


    You are not suggested go to the gym after the cataract surgery at least one week. And usually, people can start some mild sports activities after a week. But some sports activities such as basketball are not allowed till your eyes recover from the surgery. Besides, To reduce the risk of eye infection, you shall not go to swim during the first few weeks. Also No dive for the first day you take the surgery. In addition, do not run your eyes even if you feel discomfort in your eyes. Hope this can help you.
  • ccrazybeautyful


    No, it is better that you do not go to the gym after a cataract surgery. If you do, it will easily affect the effect of the cataract surgery. This is because that doing sports can easily make the iris falling off in the eyes, making the patients obliged to take a surgery again. As to how long exactly after the cataract surgery can a patient do some sports, it is decided by the recovery condition of the patient, some will take only two weeks, some will need three to six months, though. And people had better not do too fierce sports in case of any potential accidents. After the surgery, people should not lift heavy things, do not rub the eyes, avoid lowing the head as possible as they can. And thep had better lie on the back when they are sleeping.