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Can blurred vision cause dizziness?

Is it possible to lead to dizziness because of blurred vision? Or what makes me dizzy and feel vision blur?
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  • maria calderin


    It is common in our life. Your age, headache and vision problem can lead to your blurred vision. You can' t ignore this problem. It may be an indication of your severe health problems. There are several factor which can give rise to your dizziness and blurred vision. They are brain cancer, diabetes, dehydration, ear infection, high/low blood pressure, migraine, panic attack and side effects to medication. I strongly recommend you to go to the doctor. You have to find the cause early and then you will get a right cure. Don' t take drugs yourself, after all you are not sure what is the cause. Hope you can recover soon.
  • campbell


    Yes, it is possible for you to get dizziness because of blurred vision. There are many things that could cause your dizzy and make you feel blurry vision. The eyes infection because of invisible bacterium will cause your eyes to be blurry at the vision. You need to get away from the dust or sand environment. When you find your eyes vision get blurry, you need to use the eye drops to release the symptom.
  • Riley gary


    In general, blurred vision may cause slight dizziness. When you long time looking at an object, after the sudden conversion goals will feel dizzy. If the dizziness was particularly severe, probably because of elevated blood pressure caused by monitoring blood pressure. Of course there are other reasons for dizziness such as high fever. So, if your have heave dizziness, you'd better see a doctor.

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