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Jordan smith


Does tonic water help eye twitching?

I heard that tonic water can help eye twitching. Is that true? Why?
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  • dale


    Well, as you can see, eye twitching is one of the most common problems in relation to our eyes and sometimes we could regard it as a sign of some health hazards, which means that we must place much emphasis on it. So, it might be true that tonic water has got some kinds of vitamins or substance which could relieve your eye twitching, and if you want to know more about it, you could check out its contents. Just try to find out the reasons for your eye twitching.
  • aaron


    Yes, the tonic water will let you increase the vitamin in your body. Your eyes twitching will be caused by the too much use of eyes in front of the computers or the tv. You may use the tonic water to moisture your eyes which may release the symptom of the twitching eyes. You should not watch the computer for a long time which may intensify your twitching eyes.