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Gabriel peters


Can anemia cause bags under my eyes?

Is it possible to get eye bags under my eyes because of anemia? Can anyone explain it to me?
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  • walkendeath


    Well, yes, your eye bags can be caused because of the anemia. Generally speaking, when you suffer anemia, you will have some symptoms, such as itchy eyes, dark circles. And also, eye bags can be caused too. As we know that anemia is a common blood disorder. First, you should know that if your body can not produce enough red blood cells, it will result in anemia. So you may an iron deficiency, and then, the eye bags will occur. So you should intake enough iron to treat your situation.
  • walkerpaul


    Well it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes because of anemia. So, as you can see, anemia is one of the most common problems we might have, and it could lead to some slight problems, such as insomnia , or dark circles, even eye bags. But there might be other causes for your eye bags, such as aging, or a lack of sleep. Anyway, try to fix the problems with a positive approach.
  • cherrytop7


    As we all know, anemia is a medical condition in which the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is less than normal. However, the normal level of hemoglobin is generally different in males and females. And the true symptoms for anemia are: tired, fatigue easily, pale and hair loss, even heart problems. Not all eye problems are related to anemia included eye bags. As far as I concerned, eye bags follows people deeper and deeper with time flies. Eye bags occurs when you are tired and strain and the skin care you apply. Some poor quality skin care can irritate fat increasing under eyes, the orbits which lead to eye bags that like a small massif under eyes. And eye bags are really hard to remove. After a lifetime of having bags under my eyes, most people finally decide to do something about it, such as eye bag removal surgery.

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