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harry madcap


Am i able to compete in amateur boxing after having strabismus surgery as a child?

I had strabismus surgey when i was 7 yr old to repair a squint in my left eye, i was left with double vision and have since had a further 3 operations, the last one being when i was 18, im now 32.
If i was to compete in amateur boxing, are the risks to my eyes and sight much more greater than someone who hasnt been through that or are they just the same?
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  • Susan Wright


    In fact, amateur boxing itself a dangerous games. Even if you have good eyes, it may get hurts when you join in amateur boxing with opponent, let alone you have strabismus surgery as a child. I think it is really risks. If you really like to boxing, you must protect your eyes well. For example, you can shield your eyes with a pair of unbreakable goggles.
  • walkingalone123


    You can join amateur boxing games since it had been more than 10 years after your strabismus surgery. However, as for the difference between you and those who hasn't been through that, I am sorry to say that difference may exist. Because strabismus surgery involve recession and resection procedures, which will more or less do harm to your eyes and change the muscle around. After some years recovery, you may feel the same as others, but there may be some implicit factors that could cause disadvantages when you compete in anmateur boxing. Although risk may exist, it is not that much serious and I believe that the disadvantage can be make up by your professional skills. Mentality is also very important. Try to forget the disadvantage, and you will be the winner.