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Does tooth extraction affect eyesight?

I have to do some tooth extraction, and i am afraid that it may be harmful to eyes? What are effect of on eyes?
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  • Jacqueline


    It is not reasonable to worry like that. Tooth extraction has no direct effect on your eyesight. Further speaking, tooth has no direct relation with eyes. Sometimes, eyes swell and hurt when people suffer toothache. That makes people feel like that tooth and eyes are tightly related and eyes will feel terrible when something happen to tooth. In fact, it is not. Even in many practical cases, people feel the two things at a same time. Most of toothache comes from trigeminal. When people suffer toothache, the feeling on the nerves of tooth will be transited to other facial nerves, so that it will arouse swelling and uncomfortable of cheek or eyes. Even through, it dose not damage to these nerves and organs. Only in one situation that eye sick and tooth sick may be related to each other. If there is inflammation at tooth nerves, it may cause inflammation on eye nerves and that will cause problems. In your case, you just go to have a tooth extraction. There is no necessary outcome of that. All you need to do is have profession doctor to do that.
  • claire_lew


    Absolutely not, extract tooth does not affect eye sight in any way. However, it could have some side effect to other organs. The roots of teeth can be far up into the sinus cavity. Roots can also interfere with the nerves that give sense of touch to the lips, mouth, etc. Hence, it could cause nerve damage during the tooth extraction and it takes three to six months to heal. At the same time, infection could occur after the tooth extraction. An infection may be caused by bacteria or trapped food particles getting in the hole left by the extraction. Signs of an infection include fever, increased pain in the mouth or jaw, increased swelling around the extraction site, or draining or bleeding from the extraction site.
  • giles


    The tooth extraction will not be harmful to your eyes. In general situation, people with high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes is banned to do the extraction of the tooth. It is mainly due to the thought nervous, fear caused by high blood pressure which makes the diabetes patients not easy to get recovery after tooth extraction. And the wound is hard to be healed. However, if it is the normal physical tooth extraction in the standard hospital, it does not have side effects. You should put it relax and do the tooth extraction. However, there are many other tips you should care to protect the teeth, like not eating the irritating smell of food, smoking and drinking.

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