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Russian lover Handed Ukrainian Political Prisoner to FSB Torturers

If ideally place link, Search subject current posts in last 2 pages, If similiar subject is in that room and put it under that if found, That prevents loads of roughly same links, And adds expertise to first link.

Links is sometimes crossposted, ONLY in focused posts, Others is going to be deleted.

Quality over degree, We prefer links of internet (With or without vids in it) Over links to youtube, FB/VK, Or youtubes and such without having further text explanation.

Do not editorialize unless absolutely necessary for the title to make sense. typically, Titles must be verbatim from link header/title.

If a video has an not good enough title, Please adjust as necessary so it is readily available in a civil and unbiased manner.

If an article is mainly non English, Post a google interpretation link to English in first comment and use the english title from that.

Ensure posts that may be _NSFW_/_NSFL_ Are marked.

Comments without links which don't answer to link and/or discussion may be subject to removal, Same _a href= brides_/a_ corresponds to poorly evidenced, Emotive or biased articles.

man or women attacks and abusive language, at the same time racism, Sexism, And other forms of bigotry, aren't tolerated.

Posting information or is bannable.

Bans/suspending may be issued only in rare cases at the discretion of the moderators and will also be public discussed. Before warning/suspending/ban member whilst others may speak for or against member. nothing more stupid then secret banning,Suspending and melting from subrediit, Thats not free conversation, in a sense!

If this page is DELETED it done by moderator, Cause you didn post in sidebar rules, No warnings are shown.

Since 120817 banned FIVE individual for (bot)spamming on (many) write, And and not on my subreddit, And besides that breaking every rule i have. Account only agreed to be day(s) Old and had pm locked so no way of connecting, So documented as spam / banned.
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